Friday, May 8, 2009

Little-Russian-doll Katiusha

There isn't any other girl like Katiusha Feofanova. She is still a little 14-year-old doll, but what a face!! It's perfectly hart-shaped. Those green eyes, cute full lips, the amazing long hair... Katiusha is going to be the next buzz in the fashion world. But we still have to wait for a few years and a few inches in height more on her tiny little 1.68-body. Katiusha is with Rush models Russia and Image Tokyo.

Images courtesy of Rush Russia


  1. I saw her in theones2watch, I loved her, but I think she's 5'4.5'' she has to grow up :)

  2. wow she's gorgeous! I wish I looked that flawless at 14, heck I wish I looked that flawless at 22. haha